My Journey with Horses

The Journey

Life is a continuing journey. Goals are always going to loom before us and the pressure to learn more, ride better, and be a better horse owner is going to be there until the end. So why not embrace that thinking and turn it into a constructive way to always be learning and educating ourselves to be the best we can be for our horses?

At least that is my point of view on life. I’ve come to know that life is all about the journey and never about the destination. Especially when working with horses! And of course that is what this blog is about, my never ending journey with these elegant animals. These past few months I have been working with my new 4 year old, Romeo, and the whole “life is a journey” saying has never made more sense. There are good days and bad days when working with him, but I wouldn’t trade the knowledge and (mostly) fun times I am having creating us into a team that works together .  He has changed my view on riding in general, training horses, and how knowledgeable equines really are. This blog is my way of not only recording what I learn from them, but also to keep me encouraged as I look back on the previous experiences and see progress…which is so important me as a rider and trainer of my horse. I also hope to post things that I learn that can hopefully help other riders too!

I encourage my equine readers to keep notes of their riding and whole horse experience. It is so helpful to have memorabilia and journals to track your riding journey, which is probably a huge part of your life journey and character development. (It is for me, anyways.)

Thanks for reading!


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